Wife's First Time Swapping

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Wife's First Time Swapping

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Cindy and I had been together for about seven years. We have a very happy marriage and were both very contented sexually. We have a varied sex life and Cindy has some vibrators and toys that we like to use. She loves to dress up for sex and be photographed. We live in a very secluded part of a small country village. We got on well with our immediate neighbours who had an eighteen-year-old son called Steve. It was a hot summers day, the neighbours had gone away for a few days and they asked us to keep an eye on him, although at eighteen he was capable of looking after himself. Cindy and I had been sunbathing in the garden when I decided I needed a shirt. I went upstairs to the bedroom and glanced out of the window and admired the view of miles of open countryside. I saw Cindy sunbathing and thought how sexy she looked. We hadn’t had sex for about three days so we were bound to tonight. A sudden movement caught my eye in next-door’s garden. I moved back behind a curtain and looked intently. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Steve was peering through a hole in the fence and watching Cindy. That wasn’t all. His shorts were round his ankles and he was playing with the largest cock I have ever seen. It was as thick as my arm and had to be at least ten inches long. I couldn’t believe the size of it. I carried on watching him and found myself getting hard, not at the size of his cock but that he was wanking while looking at my wife who was old enough to be his mother. I watched intently for a few minutes when he suddenly quickened his movements and came all over the fence. I found it a huge turn on. He pulled up his shorts and went inside. I hurried downstairs and quickly said to Cindy, “You’re not going to believe this but you’ve got an admirer. I’ve just watched Steve from next-door wanking himself off while looking at you through a hole in the fence. What’s more he’s got the largest cock I’ve ever seen”. Cindy thought I was joking and laughed it off. We wandered round the garden and casually headed over to the fence where we saw a small hole in it. But she still wasn’t convinced. Shortly after, we heard Steve get in his car and go out and we sneaked round to the garden next door. We found the hole in the fence and there were the tell tale signs of streams of fresh spunk still trickling down the fence. We went back home and sat and talked about it. Cindy wanted every single detail and I told her how much it turned me on watching him wank while looking at her. She admitted that she found it very flattering that an eighteen year old fancied her. That night in bed, Cindy was on fire. As she cuddled up against me, her leg went over mine and I could feel the wetness running out of her pussy. Straight away she started talking about Steve. She wanted to know again how big I thought his cock was and how hard it was. Was it larger than her largest vibrator? She was so hot just thinking about him. It turned me on thinking about him fucking her. I was going to suggest it to her but I wanted her to instead. I knew the thought of it was driving her mad. I asked if she wanted the toys tonight and she said she did. I knew without a doubt that she would choose the biggest one. She lay down with her knees bent and her legs wide apart. I knelt in between her legs. I could see she was sopping wet. I put the vibrator at the edge of her pussy and it was almost sucked in. She told me to push it right in. Normally I tease her and put it in slowly and then withdraw it but this time she wanted it straight in as far as it would go. I usually then lay down and lick her clit with the vibrator inside her but this time I wanted to look at her pussy and I decided I would describe in detail what I was doing to her. She knows I like her to talk dirty in bed sometimes when she is horny. She started playing with her nipples, something she only does when she is very turned on. I started fucking her with the vibrator really slow and said, “I bet you’re imagining this is Steve, aren’t you? He’s lying in between your legs and slowly pumping his 10-inch cock in and out of your soaking wet pussy. He’s bigger than this vibrator and will shoot his spunk deep inside you. You’d love that wouldn’t you?” She smiled and nodded as her orgasm came crashing through her body. Her juices were flooding out of her. The vibrator, my hand and the bed were soon soaking wet. I started to stop but she told me to carry on. She wanted to cum again. This time it took a little longer but was just as intense and this time she actually ejaculated and shot her cum out of her pussy. “Again, please, again, I need more”, she pleaded with me. After her third or fourth orgasm, she was satisfied. My cock was now bursting and I needed instant satisfaction. She pushed me down on the bed and took my cock deep in her mouth. The vibrator was still inside her. Normally when she has cum she removes it, but not this time. She needed it still inside her. She wrapped her lips round my cock and pushed her tongue down my cum hole. I started talking to her again. “Don’t you wish this was Steve’s huge cock deep inside your mouth? It’s so large I’m not sure you would get it all in. You’d probably just get the tip in and then you’d have to wank him off into your mouth”. She was sucking me like a mad woman now. I couldn’t talk any more as I was so near to cumming. Normally as she feels me cumming she takes my cock and I cum over her face. This time she kept me inside her mouth and I shot my hot spunk right down her throat. Eventually she released me and we lay side by side. She still had the vibrator inside her and she put my hand down to it, she wanted some more sex. I turned it on and slowly started fucking her with it. I said, “I know what you really want, just tell me, I don’t mind”. She said, “I need Steve’s cock, I need Steve to fuck me and let me suck his cock and make him cum in my mouth. I’m sorry, but I must have it.” As she finished the sentence she had yet another massive orgasm. We lay relaxing and then started planning how to get Steve to fuck Cindy. She kept apologising but insisted that she had to have him and I told I was quite happy about it and that it turned me on thinking about her with him. I also insisted that I must watch and that she mustn’t do it without telling me. I also told her that I would get very excited and almost certainly I would wank myself off. She said that was fine and she loved the idea of Steve fucking her and her watching me wanking and she wanted me to cum over her face and tits as he was fucking her. She talked long into the night planning everything and it turned us both on so much that we ended fucking another two times. She decided to tease Steve during the day and finally seduce him in the evening. Fortunately, the next day was hot and sunny and Cindy had started sunbathing by about 10.30. She had a bikini on that hardly covered her bits and positioned her sun-lounger at an angle that was facing towards Steve’s garden. I went up to our bedroom and looked out of the window ready to see him in action. It was only a couple of minutes before I saw him come out into the garden. He had a T-shirt and shorts on. I saw him head to the same spot as yesterday and he crouched down to look through the hole in the fence. As soon as he saw Cindy he took his shorts down. He was already hard and once again I couldn’t believe the size of his cock. His hand went straight to it and he slowly started playing with it. He couldn’t even get his whole hand round. It was easily as thick as my arm and again I’m sure it was 10” long. Without realising it I was getting hard watching him wank himself off over my gorgeous wife. He was doing it so slowly that he was obviously going to make it last. I went back downstairs to the garden and stood in front of Cindy deliberately spoiling his view and said out loud so that Steve could hear, that I was popping out for an hour. In reality I crept back into our garden shed that was about fifteen feet from where Cindy was lying. Before Steve could start playing with himself again, Cindy went indoors and got some sun tan lotion. She started putting the lotion on her legs and then stood up and called over the fence to see if Steve was there. After a couple of minutes he appeared and Cindy said, “Do me a favour, Steve. Pop round and put some sun tan lotion on my shoulders for me please”. “Okay. Won’t be a minute”, he replied. He came round and Cindy couldn’t take her eyes of his shorts. His erection had subsided but she was already imagining what it was like. I was watching out the shed window and could clearly see and hear everything. She sat up and asked Steve to rub some lotion into her shoulders. He stood behind her and squirted some onto her shoulders and started rubbing it in. I could clearly see that he was looking down at her tits. I knew her nipples would soon harden and show through her thin bikini top. He finished very quickly and Cindy said, “Oh, don’t stop, that’s lovely and relaxing, just massage my shoulders a little more.” NEXT >>>
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